How Insurance Companies Investigate Car Accidents in Seattle?

If you have been in a car accident in Seattle, you probably want to receive coverage from the insurance carrier. However, something you have to remember is that insurance companies will investigate car accidents in Seattle. They will use the evidence they find to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation and, if so, how much compensation you should get.

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Interview Drivers and Passengers

Wondering how insurance companies investigate car accidents? One of the first things an insurance company will do after a car accident is interview the drivers and passengers.

It’s recommended that you speak with the insurance company through an experienced Washington auto accident attorney. Your attorney will ensure that you do not provide information that could be misconstrued.

Any passengers that were with you in the vehicle should also be prepared to give their statement. If everyone is being truthful, your statement and the statement of your passengers should line up.

Police Report

The insurance company will also look at the police report that was filed by law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene of the collision. This police report will encompass all of the evidence they found at the scene and statements they took from everyone involved, including witnesses.

Expert Analysis Report

An insurance company may also use the help of an expert analyst who can provide a report of how the car accident happened. They can use their experience to help determine the speed of the vehicles, the point of impact, and other factors that contributed to the crash.

Interview Witnesses

Witness statements regarding what they saw will also be considered by the insurance company. This will usually only be done if the insurance company requires clarification or wants to verify the witness statements included in the police report.

Inspect the Vehicle

To decide on a settlement amount, the insurance company will do a thorough inspection of all of the vehicles involved in the crash. The collision damage, condition of the car, and previous damage will be taken into consideration.

Information Your Insurance Company May Ask For

When a car insurance claim is under investigation, you may need to provide additional information. This information will be used to clarify evidence the insurance company already has and learn more about you and what caused the accident. Here are some examples of things an insurance company may ask you for when gathering evidence:

  • Your social media information
  • Background checks
  • Medical history and records
  • Recorded statement
  • Cell phone record
  • Videos or photos
  • Data from your GPS or other navigational tools

Things That Can Make it Difficult to Get Insurance Coverage After an Accident

If you are wondering why my car insurance claim is being investigated, there are many reasons why this may happen. Different factors can make car accident settlements more complicated if the insurance company finds something suspicious. Here are some examples of details that can make car accident claims more complex.

Large Medical Bills

Do car insurance companies investigate claims? Insurance companies will do significant research for car accident claims to find out if you deserve a settlement and, if so, how much.

Something that can make insurance companies suspicious is if you have very large medical bills. In some instances, this may mean that the bills are being exaggerated or are related to injuries that aren’t from the accident.

Previous Medical Conditions

It can also be challenging to get insurance coverage if you have previous medical conditions. The insurance company may not want to cover medical costs if it believes that these are related to your previous condition.

You will have to provide evidence that directly shows that your medical condition is not related to your car accident injuries or that the accident made your previous condition even worse.

Incorrect Information

Sometimes, the information you provide for the insurance company does not thoroughly check out or align with other types of evidence. This can happen if you exaggerate or if you accidentally provide inaccurate information. For example, you may not have remembered the accident perfectly and provided a report that was slightly different from the report of a witness.

Financial Issues

Sometimes, insurance companies can become suspicious if there are signs that you are struggling financially. The insurance company may believe that you are filing a claim just to get compensation and are exaggerating your damages. Examples of financial issues the insurance company may look into include loans, bankruptcy, credit card debt, and other types of financial support.

Lack of Legal Representation

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when filing a car accident claim is not hiring a Washington car accident attorney. You need to hire legal representation so that you have a better chance of getting an insurance payout that will cover your damages.

A car accident lawyer ensures you get a fair settlement amount and will help you communicate with the insurance company as well as provide information. They will make sure you do not provide anything that could be incriminating or be used against you later on.

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If you have been in a car accident, you may be wondering how insurance companies investigate car accidents. Getting into a car accident is already an overwhelming process that can leave you questioning what to do next. Ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve from the insurance company can make this even more stressful, which is why hiring an attorney is so important.

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