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If you’ve suffered an injury at the hands of a reckless or negligent driver, our team of dedicated auto accident attorneys is here to help you recover the compensation you need to support your recovery.


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Even the most cautious drivers may find themselves suffering injuries in an unexpected car accident. Suddenly, you are facing a lengthy physical recovery, costly medical bills, lost wages, and other unanticipated expenses stemming from the incident. No matter how overwhelmed or anxious you may feel right now, it’s essential to recognize that you do not have to go through this challenging time alone. The dedicated legal team at NBF Accident Law is here to help you pursue and obtain the compensation you need to support your recovery.

Determining Fault in Washington State

Washington state’s negligence laws state that car accident liability is based on which party was responsible for causing the incident. After a car accident, the responding officer will compile a police report detailing the circumstances contributing to the collision. Additionally, the insurance companies for both parties involved in the accident will conduct separate investigations to determine which driver is to blame for the crash. Navigating the investigation process can be overwhelming, especially as insurance adjusters may try to discredit or undermine your claim in order to save the company money. We are here to step in to handle these challenging conversations and negotiations on your behalf while you continue to focus on what matters most—your physical recovery.

Preparing a Successful Auto Accident Claim

A strong auto accident claim actually begins at the scene of the accident. The more information you can gather from the other party and any witnesses, the more detailed the picture of the incident becomes. It’s always in your best interest to avoid admitting fault, as even a simple “I’m sorry” can be used by the other party as an indication of your role in the accident. You should also seek medical attention as soon as possible to establish documentation about the nature, severity, and extent of your injuries. Reach out to our team of dedicated legal professionals as soon as you can to discuss the details of your situation. Together, we will explore your options for obtaining a fair and favorable settlement to support your recovery.

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