Cell Phone Distractions and the Surge in Teen-Related Auto Accidents

Distracted driving among teenage drivers is on the rise, which is a concern not only for parents but also for other drivers on the road. If one driver is distracted while operating their vehicle, everyone else on the road is at risk of being involved in a teen car accident. This has become more of a concern among teen drivers as they tend to be more susceptible to the distractions of technology when they are behind the wheel.

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Why is Distracted Driving on the Rise?

A survey showed that distracted driving rates in Washington have increased by 2.4% between 2021 and 2022. This poses a significant risk to drivers in Seattle and Washington as distracted driving puts everyone at risk, including pedestrians.

Unfortunately, distracted driving among teens is even more common since teenagers are much more susceptible to the temptation of using technology while behind the wheel. Many teenagers fail to understand the real world consequences of distracted driving and may use technology without thinking. They may also have not been taught the basics of driver safety, which can contribute to distracted driving.

Teen Drivers and Distractions: Understanding the Dangers of Teen Car Accidents

One of the main reasons why teen drivers are more at risk of distracted driving due to technology is that they don’t understand the risks. There are substantial dangers to distracted driving since anything that takes your eyes off the road substantially increases your risk of getting into an accident. Driving requires cognitive, visual, and manual concentration at all times for maximum safety.

Cell phones are one of the most common forms of technology that contribute to distracted driving, and they significantly reduce visual, cognitive, and manual concentration. Here are some examples of the dangers related to distracted driving:

  • Legal repercussions: The most minimal risks involved in using your cell phone while driving are the legal repercussions. In the state of Washington, there is a hands-free law that prohibits the use of wireless devices while you are operating a vehicle, so drivers found using their phone while driving could face being fined.
  • Auto accidents: Even taking your eyes off of the road for a few seconds can result in a teen car accident. Accidents not only damage your vehicle, but they also pose the risk of resulting in physical injuries as well. Distracted drivers could also face settlements from other drivers who were involved and were not at fault.
  • Fatalities: Any type of auto accident could potentially result in fatalities depending on how the accident occurred. Distracted driving accidents are at a higher risk of being more severe and could result in one or more people losing their lives.

Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving and Teen Car Accidents

A large majority of auto accidents are preventable if the proper steps are taken to prepare drivers for the potential dangers. A very good example of this is distracted driving, which is entirely preventable if enough awareness is spread. It is imperative that teen drivers are aware of the risks involved with distracted driving and how they can drive more responsibly.

Here are some examples of how parents and other individuals can spread awareness about distracted driving and how technology contributes to this.

Driving Safety Classes

There are many different driving rules and laws that teen drivers have to learn before they are given their drivers license. Part of what they learn should include driving safety so that they are equipped with the knowledge they need to be safe drivers.

However, the basics of driver safety aren’t enough; teens also need to be more aware of how to avoid distractions for young drivers, especially in the form of their phones.

Real World Scenarios

Parents of teen drivers should take the additional step of presenting their teenagers with real-world scenarios of distracted driving. They may not take you seriously if they do not see the proof for themselves, such as teen car accident statistics or real-life instances of car accidents by teens.

Set an Example

Part of spreading awareness about the dangers of cell phone use while behind the wheel includes setting a good example. Parents of teen drivers should lead by example by avoiding distractions and focusing only on the road. What teenagers see their parents do while behind the wheel will ultimately impact how they view driving and driver safety.

Monitor Their Behavior

Parents should also keep an eye on how their teenagers behave when they are in the vehicle, either as a driver or passenger. Is your teenager constantly texting or checking their phone for updates? If so, they are most likely doing this and more when you are not in the vehicle with them.

Establish Driving Rules

If your child is starting to drive on their own, you need to take the step to establish safe driving rules. Make sure your teenager understands that they should not be using their cell phone at any point when they are in the vehicle unless it is shut off. You could also establish rules, such as silencing their phone while driving or keeping it in the backseat.

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Driving in Seattle and Washington already comes with substantial risks since there are so many different things that could contribute to an auto accident. Driving among teenage drivers who are distracted by cell phones makes them significantly more dangerous as it puts everyone else at risk. That is why it is crucial that everyone spread awareness about distracted driving and the real world repercussions of this.

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